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ZWCAD What’s new


Amazing features are included in every version of our ZWCAD to help you design more.

ZWCAD 2020 SP2

January 2020

Layout Export

All the visible objects in a Layout can be exported to the model space of a new drawing. You can even export layouts in batches.

DGN Export

With DGN Export, DWG files can be exported in the V8 DGN format. Data exchange can be carried out between ZWCAD 2020 SP2 and design solutions that load DGN files, for example, MicroStation® seamlessly.


STL Out enables you to export 3D solids and seamless meshes in the STL format. These binary or non-binary STL files are helpful for rapid prototyping, 3D printing and CAM processing.

ZWCAD 2020 SP1

October 2019


Customized Settings Migration

Your preferred settings for UI, commands, graphics, etc. can be migrated from earlier versions (ZWCAD 2018 & 2019) to this one. You can also import or export settings of ZWCAD 2020, and reset settings to the default.


Blockbreak can help you conveniently insert blocks into entities. There are two ways to do it with different effects – by Wipeout, the entity will be covered but not broken by the block; while by Break, it will be broken to save your time for trimming.

Digital Signature on DWFx Files

Digital signatures can be attached to DWFx drawings now. You can also check their validity in batches. A digitally signed DWFx file is protected from being copied and modified, ensuring its authenticity.

ZWCAD 2020

June 2019


PDF Underlay Manager

All your PDF Underlays can be managed easily in it. You can check their information, find where they are located, directly open one in PDF reader, detach them to make the drawing lighter, etc.

Data Extraction

Various properties and data of an object can be extracted and inserted to the current drawing as a table, or exported to a .csv / .xls file. All data you need are in one table at a time.

Lisp Debugger

Developed based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft™, Lisp Debugger helps check and debug your codes one by one or step by step, making your lisp programs more correct.

Cycle Selection

The overlapped objects can be checked and selected with ease by SELECTIONCYCLING. They will be listed in a dialog box called Selection Set for you to choose the one you really want.


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