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CAD Pockets

Mobile CAD That Helps Collaboration

More than 3 million users are using CAD Pockets for viewing, drawing and editing, which helps with communication and collaboration. You and your team can get rid of the paper drawings and improve efficiency as well.

Mobile CAD to Fully Replace Paper Drawings

CAD Pockets improves your work efficiency by changing the way of using .dwg

Drawings in Pockets

  • View drawings in dwg, dwf, dxf and pdf formats anytime on your smart device.
  • Abundant font library to ensure multi-language text display.
  • View in both 2D/3D wireFrame and 3D solid mode.
  • Connect to 12 popular online cloud storages in the world.

Design in a Real CAD

    • Supports most frequent-used drawing and editing tools
    • Drawing tools line, polyline, circle, rectangle, arc, text, blocks and so on.
    • Editing tools like copy, move, rotate, mirror, object snap, polar track, grip edit and others.

Tools for Reviewing

  • All kinds of dimensions and measurements to help you get the accurate data immediately.
  • Revision cloud, free sketch, texts and other annotation functions to help express your ideas clearly.


Collaboration Center for Team Projects

Provide teams with excellent collaboration ability, allowing you to have meetings on drawing anytime you want.

Your virtual office on the Cloud

The collaboration edition of CAD Pockets works in both App and Web browsers perfectly.

It’s just like a virtual office, you can talk about designs, make decisions, assign tasks and save files. Remote communication about drawings becomes really easy.

Arrange your work in order, and focus on more meaningful jobs.

Assisting 3 Million Users in Various Industries

Try it now and prepare to be surprised by CAD Pockets when dealing with .dwg drawings