ZWCAD Applications – Curvefit



Size: 4.9 MB

Update Date:2015-09-02

Industry:General Tools

Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro

Curvefit is the only ZWCAD polyline optimizer that produces smooth, accurate, tangent linework and simultaneously reduces the number of vertices by an order of magnitude.  Working as a natural extension to ZWCAD, it uses a state-of-the-art fuzzy logic processor to guide the conversion, determining the best series of straight and “embedded arc” segments to represent your polyline data instead of simply removing vertices like traditional Weeders.   Curvefit can reduce a file 10:1 or more without significantly compromising linework shape or accuracy.  Curvefit is the only ZWCAD linework processor to deliver a fully automated tangency search engine.
Curvefit is applicable to many uses: GIS/Mapping users optimize contours, water boundaries and other “curvy” linework, CNC users optimize cutting paths before generating CNC code to dramatically speed up the process, and 3D Modelers optimize profiles before generating models to dramatically speed up the modelling process.

Reduce polyline vertices by 10:1 or more without compromising smoothness or accuracy

Company:TCI Corp
Contact person:Tom Inloes